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May 11th, 2011 | By love not hate

We’ve all heard about the Body Magic and its wonders, and how it has generated wealth for a ton of african americans with no job experience required. Take a look at Stormy wellington a mother of two, a single parent with the drive and motivation of 12 horses. From GED to Millionaire is the nickname she goes by so we’ve heard. Stormy Wellington was introduced to Ardyss International back in 2008. Within 5 months she earned a whooping $250,000 dollars, yes thats absolutely correct. Network Marketing the business of the 21st century! Here you can be your own boss, call your own shots, have a lot of fun, and help thousands of others!!! Residual money, which basically means making mailbox money in your sleep.

Ardyss International a health and wellness company with great products, and The Body Magic to help you drop 3 dress sizes in 10 minutes is what helped Stormy Wellington achieve her goal to be successful,and gain wisdom and knowledge! But in a recent post she says “change before you have to” We recently heard that the Powerhouse resigned from ARDYSS INTERNATIONAL to join forces with a coffee company OrGano GOLD.

Now when I look at this picture something just seems a little funny, Who in their right mind would walk away from residual Income like what Stormy Wellington was making? a recent magazine says she earned $71,350 dollars in one month!! Now she will start all over again in another Network Marketing Company! I did a lil investigating and I know this 31 year old young lady is no fool. Maybe she knows something we don’t know, maybe we should jump on this band wagon quick. I did a lil snooping and to be honest the coffee business is maybe the number one business in the world! You may leave the house and forget to kiss the kids, you may leave you cell phone before heading to work, but it just doesn’t seem like we wanna forget our coffee! Oh yea, and get this! I found out that the coffee Stormy Wellington will be representing is HEALTHY COFFEE! #pow Maybe thats the catch, check it out for yourself www.og2011.com and after you preview the video send your contact info here Organo2011@gmail.com
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